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la Chic Skin & Laser Boutique

Complete Laser Hair Removal

Are you wondering what separates la Chic from other laser centers in the Lower Mainland? At la Chic, we offer top-of-the-line lasers at affordable pricing so you get the results you want at the price you need!


Hair removal

la Chic Skin and Laser Boutique has nearly unparalleled experience in using laser technology for hair removal. Laser hair removal can remove unwanted face and body hair by sending a heat energy beam directly to targeted hair, without disturbing surrounding skin. Laser hair removal must be performed over several sessions to ensure long-lasting hair removal.

Your hair removal


Lasers are attracted to dark pigmentation, so dark hair and light skin respond very well to laser hair removal. Most patients see results after 3 to 6 laser hair treatments depending on their skin. Our certified laser hair removal technician will provide a more specific estimate during your laser treatment consultation.

Laser Hair Removal


Prices ranges from $50 for small areas such as upper lip, to larger areas at such as legs for $350

Packages for women range from $195 to $475 depending on the service area

Pricing ranges from $50 for areas such as ears and $350 for large areas such as full back.

Packages for women range from $375 to $475 depending on the service area

Laser Hair Removal

For Men

Think laser hair removal is only for the ladies? Think again! Many men opt for laser hair removal to enhance their physical appearance by reducing body hair or eliminating body hair in areas such as backs, chest and shoulders. Our male clientele are satisfied with no longer having to deal with shaving, painful ingrown hairs and razor knicks.


On all laser hair removal treatments

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